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How to Choose a Cell Phone Service Plan

Cellular phones were devised and launched to give the business fraternity a tool for staying connected with their offices and clients while on the move. Soon, it became apparent that the need to stay connected at all times was not a necessity just for office-goers! How about the college student, the elderly and the housewife on the run? Also, with cell phones not just relegated to talking, Cell Phone service providers began tapping the market with attractive deals and cheap talking cell phone service plans.

A cell phone is as much an owner's pride as it is a communication tool, everybody looks out for the latest in technology offering GPRS, music, downloads, and voice dialing... it is an endless list! The need for the latest is only re-established with the recent scramble to get the latest i-phone upon launch, the hundreds and thousands who thronged the shops worldwide to be able to own the first phone was just unbelievable! Well, you have the latest phone which is more a mini-computer than just a phone, what you need to work it though is a cell phone service provider. A cell phone service provider should give you competitive prices, discounted rentals and yes, the occasional free minutes and downloads. Let's review a few things to keep in mind when choosing the cell phone service provider plan for your phone:

Coverage - it is imperative that you first decide where you would be using your cell phone service the most. If you are traveling a lot out of your local area, the local toll or the regional area as well; or if you need national coverage you will need cell phone service to cover that. Once you decide where you need the coverage from the cell phone service provider, it will be easier to ask for the plan that suits you best.

If your needs are for local calling, then a cell phone service plan covering the local and local toll areas are much suitable and the coverage is more than your home phone. The local cell phone service calling plans are based on your usage in call minutes and you get more anytime minutes for cell phone to land phone and cell to cell calls.

If you have family within a cell phone service provider's multi-state calling area or you conduct business within neighboring states, a regional calling plan gets you roaming and long distance calls free within the covered area.

If your work or family vacations take you all over the country and you are not sure where specifically you would need cell phone service coverage, a national roaming plan is the most suitable for you. With this plan, the cell phone service provider gives you access to national roaming as well as domestic long distance calling added to your local calls.

Purpose profile - another important aspect when looking for the most suitable cell phone service provider is to ascertain the type of phone user you are. Whether you will be using the phone for emergencies or probably use it sparingly or will be using the phone all the time is something you should know when looking for cell phone service. Knowing your usage can steer you towards a plan that saves you money while giving you enough call minutes to serve the purpose.

If you need a cell phone only to let your family know when you leave work or for your children to report when they are back home, you can rely on a cell phone service plan that provides you free anytime minutes for as low as $30 a month and cover the roads and highways you travel on. Also check for analog services from your cell phone provider since not all digital networks are available in remote areas. If you will be using your cell phone extensively than check the coverage area for the most suitable plan.

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